When a Mother doesn’t know the Age of her Children – Our School Children – 19 Feb 16


It is Friday again, time to introduce you to one of the children of our school! Today it is the turn of Harichand, a nine-year-old who started learning in our school in July. He, too, is from one of the poor areas of our town.

When we reached Harichand’s home, we met his mother and also his sister. The following conversation took place mostly with Pooja, Harichand’s sister, as their mother’s ears are not anymore as good as they used to be. Pooja however seemed used to answer in place of her mother.

Their elder brother is probably 15 years old – their mother was not sure but that’s what Pooja told us. She herself is eleven and Harichand nine years old.

The property they live on is theirs, inherited from their grandparents. That is good – because a monthly rent would probably be too much for Harichand’s father to pay regularly every month! He is an ox wagon driver and has to search for work every day. His daughter tells that he very rarely gets work. Often, he is hired for only one round with his ox wagon – not enough to pay for all the expenses of the family!

That’s how the two elder children go to a government school right now, a school with very low quality where the children themselves need to see that they learn because the teachers mostly don’t really care.

We talked to Pooja as well to join our school in the next year, too. They will definitely get to see a difference quite fast: in our school, the teachers do care about their students’ progress and that’s how the children also learn faster and better! And that all while studying completely for free!

You can support children like Harichand by sponsoring a child or the food for a day.

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