No Health-Insurance: when an Accident changes Lives – Our School Children – 27 Mar 15


Today I would like to introduce you to one of the elder boys in our smallest class, the LKG, lower Kindergarten. It is our pre-school class and normally for children at about 5 years old. The boy I would like you to get to know today, is ten years old and his name is Nazeer.

Nazeer is the second-youngest of five children and there is a reason why he has only last year started at school: when he was five years old, his father had an accident that changed life for the family!

Nazeer’s father was a worker but not anymore just a simple labourer but one level above, a mason. He didn’t earn a lot but it was enough to raise his children. They owned a property and house and had just started building the first floor. Then, one day in 2010, he fell from the roof of his own house. He broke one arm, one leg and had ‘a hole in his head’. He had to go to hospital and it took several weeks for him to get better but the pain remained.

He could not pay the hospital bill. He could not work anymore, having pain in his body. They had to sell their house and buy a small plot in a poorer area. An acquaintance helped him build a room there and another two walls, creating a kind of shelter and a garden. That was the new home for the family of seven. But what about their monthly income?

They bought goats which they raise now, use their milk and then sell them. They know that these animals will be slaughtered once they leave the vegetarian town of Vrindavan but they don’t admit it openly. The eldest son, now 18 years old, soon started learning the work of plaster of Paris. He became the main breadwinner, earning about 75 US-Dollars a month. Now, also the second son, 13 years old, started learning a profession, even while still going to school: he makes clothes for deities and earns approximately 10 US-Dollars a month as well. He brings home the rests of the cloth they use and his mother knots the pieces together, creating rope which she then ties in a wooden frame – a bed for her children is ready!

The family manages to make ends meet now. With all these problems however, they had not considered it too important to send Nazeer to school and that’s how he joined us last year, with nearly 10 years, going to school for the very first time in his life!

Nazeer is a jolly boy and of course he learned reading and writing quickly. He loves going to school and we hope that the education we provide him will change his future and maybe the future of his family!

If you would like to support children like him, you can sponsor a child or the food for a day!

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