Shifting Monika from the Hospital to her Hotel – 6 Jan 15


I told you yesterday about Monika’s trauma which made the doctors change her dressings with the help of an anesthesia twice. Now I can happily tell you that yesterday, she had them changed without anesthesia – and it did not hurt at all! But let me tell you step by step what happened when and how.

I had told you that we have been trying to arrange a place to stay for Monika and her mother close-by the hospital. The doctors told that for at least three to four weeks, they would need to see Monika every two or three days to change her dressings and see the progress, so it did not make sense to bring her to Vrindavan, 150 kilometers away.

After some thorough searching, we finally found a guesthouse which is only one kilometer away from the hospital, has an attached bathroom with the room and has the facility of an in-house kitchen which will provide food for Monika and her mother. It is easier to have the food made in this way than for Monika’s mother to do it herself, which would have been the case if we had rented a separate room or flat – then we would have needed to get all the pots, utensils and of course foods there as well! And as we cannot always be there, she would have needed to leave Monika for going shopping – a bigger hassle than necessary!

It turned out that taking a hotel room close to the hospital was a very good choice. The doctors had first told us they would make Monika stand and walk but when the time came to get her discharged, we got to know that she would not be able to get up from the strength of her neck muscles until another week or ten days! This means she would have to be transported by ambulance!

That’s how in the evening of the 3rd January, after a long discharge process at the hospital, an ambulance arrived at the guesthouse and paramedics carried Monika into the room on a stretcher. They lay her down on the bed – and in the same way they yesterday picked her up from there, brought her to the hospital and back again.

Monika called us in the evening and said: ‘I had promised I would get the dressings changed without being unconscious! I didn’t break my promise!’ She was proud – and we were, too! This little girl, having gone through so much is happy that she had got the courage to overcome her trauma!

We went on to pick Ramona’s father up from the airport in the night – and will be back to visit Monika next week. We are looking forward to see how much she will have improved by then – and she is looking forward to the visit as well. Of course, because until now, only her mother’s brother and her mother’s uncle have come to visit her.

Monika’s elder sister called a few days after the surgery and told that their father had left her at home, that he had gone to Delhi. Not to visit Monika though. He is now with his elder brother while his teenage daughter is at home, alone with aunts and uncles that she doesn’t get along with and his second daughter is recovering from major surgery!

So we will be the ones who are there for Monika and we carry with us all the good wishes of you, our friends, supporters, readers, visitors and well-wishers! A big thanks again to everyone who is supporting this cause – to see this girl smile after the ordeal she has been through is the greatest reward for all of us!

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