Monika’s Background – a Father who does not provide for his Family – 17 Dec 14


After having told you about Monika's accident and the reason why we chose the hospital we did, I would like to tell you a bit more about her background, her family and her home.

Monika’s mother is not illiterate. She has attended school until the 8th school year, which is not very little, considering that we have an illiteracy rate of about 50% in this state. She and her sister got married in a joint wedding – to two brothers, so that they were sister-in-laws after their wedding! Sounds like a good thing but today, they don’t speak with each other anymore.

Nobody of Monika’s father’s family actually speaks with them. The mother tells that they are isolated although they live in the same house. Her husband is one of four brothers. His eldest brother has died and the late brother’s wife is the one who owns the house. Monika’s grandmother lives there as well as the youngest brother with his family. One room and one kitchen is there for Monika’s family.

The reason why nobody wants to have much to do with them? Most probably Monika’s father. Not having been to school even one year, he is fully illiterate. Soon after their wedding, Monika’s mother realized that he did not actually have a proper work. He worked for a while here and for a while there but could never really keep a job. He had a vending stand for some time, which he pulled through the streets, trying to sell fruit, vegetables and even other different items. His brothers supported him for some time but he never brought any profit home or just very minimal. He also worked at his brother’s shop, close to Vrindavan’s main temple – but obviously didn’t do his work properly, so that his own brother said he would not employ him anymore.

You can imagine the financial situation in this home, where the mother has to think about how to feed her three daughters! The worries that she carries around with her! The feelings she must have for her husband!

Her parents supported her when nobody else did anymore. They gave kitchen utensils and clothes. To them she went for months at a time when she had fights with her husband and the children were not yet at school.

When she told all these sorrows to a friend, the other woman answered: you should get a job yourself! Earn money – then you won’t have to wait for him to bring something home!

Once the elder children went to school, she decided to act. She gave her little one to her mother to raise and, upon the recommendation of a friend, got a job as security staff at a big local temple! Now she is the one to bring money home!

This does not solve all problems of course! She doesn’t earn very much – 5000 Rupees, which is approximately 80 US-Dollar – but at least she can buy food and the necessary items. Still, her brother was the one who paid for Monika’s medication and lent her the money for the ambulance. Her parents decided to give the money for a TV connection when Monika was just lying at home, recovering, while her mother was at work.

And her husband? Only creates problems. Of which kind, I will tell you tomorrow.

In the meantime, it would be great if you could share the message and tell your friends about Monika, share my blog entry about her accident and our project page where they can donate! Together, we can help her!

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