Monika’s second Surgery: her left Eye, right Arm and right Breast – 26 May 15


I already told you yesterday that we had spent the weekend in Gurgaon, near Delhi, together with Monika whom we had brought to the hospital for her second surgery. Let me tell you more about the surgery and how Monika is now.

After the checkup with the doctor, we decided to have her surgery relatively soon and fixed last Saturday, the 23rd May as the date for the next operation. Of course, Ramona and I, and with us Apra, were going to accompany Monika and her mother again. We started from the Ashram on Friday and admitted Monika to the hospital in the afternoon, so that she could have dinner there and then stop eating and drinking overnight for surgery in the morning.

After two hours of surgery and about the same time for waking up from anesthesia, Monika was transferred back to her room, big bandages around her head, her arm and from the arm around the entire chest. Of course her left eye is covered and the right arm is in a tight, firm bandage which holds the arm up, 90 degrees from her body.

In a talk with the doctor, we got to know that they did not only work on Monika’s eye and arm though: there was an area with an inflammation above her right breast and they decided, during the surgery, to take off the affected skin and patch it with skin from her thigh. For this and the grafting below her arm, the again used skin of her left thigh, where they had also previously taken skin from. The surgeon told us they had discussed and decided to use the same leg – not to scar the other one and also have the possibility in future to use skin from it, as Monika will have many surgeries in future, too.

On Sunday, there was a little shock: we discovered that the dressing of Monika’s leg and with it her pants and the bedsheet were drenched in blood! After a change of dressing however, we were told it was normal and would be alright. Until Monday, no fresh blood had appeared on the dressing.

Monika will have to be in the hospital for at least one week. The dressing will be changed for the first time on Thursday and then we will see until when she will be discharged. Of course, she will have to be in a guesthouse close to the hospital for some time again, so that the doctor can see her every other day. Other than last time, when she had been operated on her neck, Monika won’t have to lie for as long in bed. She will probably be able to get up and walk already on Friday.

She is quite fine already, asking her mother to massage once her feet, then her hand and then her neck. When the doctor came, she asked whether she could not start eating solid food now, as she was not at all fond of the soups she had got until then – and she was granted her request! So according to the circumstances, Monika is well and recovering in good spirits!

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