4 Reasons why we tell you about Monika – 7 Jan 15


I have regularly been posting updates about Monika, the girl who got burnt last year, since we have known about her accident. We have told you what happened, about her family, her mother’s story and then about the first surgery until I told you yesterday about her move to a hotel. Of course, I also share these updates on social media and a few days ago, someone asked me: ‘You are doing a good thing but why are you promoting it like this?’ Well, let me tell you exactly why.

This person actually went more in detail and told that there were others who do good deeds but silently. He suggested that we, too, could just do what we are doing without telling in the blog and on facebook or twitter about it. No need to take pictures of Monika or show videos of her treatment and progress.

Here you have my answer, in four points:

1. There is Strength in Numbers – United we stand – Together we can make it!

Above you have three proverbs that all express the same thing: when one person does something, he can do it well. When many more get together and help, it can be much bigger, greater and better. In the case of doing charity and especially with a case like Monika’s, this is also true.

There are people who have a big wish to help – be that Monika, our school children or any other charity project, who can maybe give their time and their efforts but cannot help financially. And there are others who have the funds to help but have restrictions of time, knowledge or physical ability!

So if we tell you about Monika, her accident and the project that we created for her treatment, we believe that we simply unite forces and energy with people around the world to make a change for this girl! And the more get together, the more we can do for her!

2. Donors want to know where their Money went

It is a fact, when you are running a charity, people also would like to hear from you and get to know what you did with the money they sent to you.

3. People actually want to hear about Monika

While the point above, while fully correct and important, is a rather sober one, this one is what I consider the real reason from the heart of people: they are actually interested in what I am writing. People who know us, our Ashram and our school, be that from the internet, from our time there or a visit in India, truly care! They have made a connection with our children and feel in their hearts that it is wonderful that we all can help this girl!

So when I tell that she had her first surgery with our help and the support of many more people, it is not to brag about our good deeds – it is to share the happy news with all of you!

4. There is a Chance to inspire even just one Person to do good

And finally there is this point: maybe someone who reads this all decides to help others, too.

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