Celebration of 1000 Articles with 1000 Flood Victims – 25 Sep 10


Today I am writing the 1000th edition of my personal online diary. These 1000 articles are spread on 90 different topics and inspired by travelling, my healing and counseling work, incidents of daily life and also newspaper articles, TV news and internet resources. A big thank you to all readers who bring sense to writing at all, to friends who support me always, to email-writers who ask me to write about certain topics and to people who write their comments – a feature that we started only recently. Having started writing on the 1st January 2008, we feel great about having written each day without a gap and knowing that we have filled many pages that people enjoy reading. Please keep on writing comments, feedback, your experience and further questions.

We thought we should somehow celebrate this day and decided to celebrate together with the flood victims by distributing 1000 food packages. If you have been following the diary entries of the last days you know that the water is still rising in Vrindavan and that people urgently need support.

We thought that we wanted to distribute something nutritious that gives them lots of energy but also something that they do not have to eat right away. We wanted them to have something that they could keep for the next day, too, if they had food for today already. They are never sure what they will get the next day so we were thinking to give them something that they can keep for those times that nobody distributes food there.
We had ordered freshly roasted nuts, peas, different lentils, and multigrain flakes and pops. After mixing everything together we had exactly what we wanted: a nourishing mixture that doesn’t get bad quickly. Additionally we distributed coconut sweets that they could enjoy right away.

We went to distribute in three places and the first of them was one of my old schools where those people whose homes are flooded have found shelter. Seeing the school after so many years brought nice memories back. It is also nice that the building now gives shelter to hundreds of families whose houses have been flooded. Seeing the situation of these people confirmed me once again in my belief that everybody has to stand together and help those who are in need. We need to support them as much as possible. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and although it was also exhausting to distribute in the heat, we were happy to see everybody’s happy faces.

Here are pictures of today’s celebration


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