Celebrate Love Every Day – 14 Feb 10


Today is the day of love, Valentine’s Day. I heard that many people who do not have a partner are sad or frustrated on this day. People in whose countries it is very popular wait for Valentine’s cards and are very disappointed if they do not get any. But I think you do not need to feel this, it is the celebration of love, not only a celebration of couples! You should express your love and celebrate it! This you can also do with friends and family.

I actually feel that we should celebrate Valentine’s Day each day. Every day should be filled with love, not only the 14th February! I heard that wives get angry if their husbands forget the roses on this day or if they come late for dinner. And both partners get stressed already some days before Valentine’s Day worrying about what to give as a present. Don’t you think that you should be happy and in love each day and that you can bring flowers home at any day? Shouldn’t your loved one be joyful everyday?

It is of course very commercial with all the cards, presents, flowers and hearts in all shapes and I am not saying to do this everyday. Many people like it and it is fine but I would like to ask everybody to have this happiness of celebrating love in their lives each day! 

2 Replies to “Celebrate Love Every Day – 14 Feb 10”

  1. Love needs expression.Its not just about a special day,its about showing care,affection and understanding which is welcomed any and everyday.I would find ways to let my family and friends know that they are special and wanted…………….so why just one day to express

  2. Although it is nice to get presents etc on valentine’s day, it is lovely to get these things on other days too. Love is about the little things. Like remembering how someone likes their tea or giving someone a hug for no reason.