Chakra Dance Party in Copenhagen – 9 May 10


Yesterday we had a great Chakra Dance Party. We left from here around six o’clock to prepare the music and do the sound-check and at eight o’clock the party started. Just like last time we were just at the bank of the river with big glass windows from which we could see the river. There were many people and we just enjoyed dancing and moving our bodies.

I told you that our friends Linda, Annick, Regina, Jens and Celina had also come from Germany to experience the Chakra Dance Party here in Copenhagen and we did not promise them too much. There was a big group of very nice people, open-minded and open-hearted, who enjoyed laughing, dancing, rolling on the floor and on a human carpet, looking into each other’s eyes and hugging each other.

So after this wonderful dance party yesterday we have today something that we call chakra dance hangover – a new experience for some people how you can have a hangover without drinking alcohol. You feel a bit tired but very good! We had to laugh about this at the breakfast table before our friends left us again to go back to Germany. We will be here until Tuesday and I will give healing sessions.

You can see pictures of the chakra dance party and also enjoy dancing at your own home by downloading the music from the internet.

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3 Replies to “Chakra Dance Party in Copenhagen – 9 May 10”

  1. Yes, that type of hangover sounds quite nice! Reminiscing the joy and fun of the previous nice, without the headache. 🙂 The human carpet also looks hilarious and fun. It probably teaches you to exit your comfort zone and laugh like a child again.So what about the chakras do these dance parties entail?

  2. I would like to try going to a chakra dance it looks like quite a lot of fun and also I think it would challenge me to be out of my comfort zone, and try something new. I love trying new things, and I think that this would be just the thing. I think that it would be good to be open hearted and open minded, this would be good.