Christmas Preparations at the Ashram – 20 Dec 09


So today is the 4th advent, the last Sunday before Christmas. Of course here in India it is not a big celebration in those areas where there are mainly Hindus or Muslims. But this year, with Ramona’s suggestion, each advent Sunday we are having a nice fire and eat outside. Ammaji bakes chapati on the fire and we all sit around together for eating.

It is a beautiful time here, it is cold but around the fire you get nicely warm. During daytime it is really warm still and today we were amazed by how hot the sun still burns down on you, Ramona even thought she might get sunburned if she stands outside for too long.

We were talking with Thomas and Iris over internet and they told us that it is really cold in Germany now, minus 13 degrees. In the last years Yashendu and I have not been here in Christmas time and in winter so we are enjoying it very much.

We don’t know yet for sure how we will celebrate on the Christmas days but we will definitely! I like to grab any opportunity to have this fun, a day where you are happy, give happiness, enjoy together with many people. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is or if there is not any big occasion. But the 24th is also the day when I came out of the cave in 2000 and each year the Ashram also celebrates this. The children are preparing a performance and I believe it will be a very beautiful day.

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