Celebration is Sharing Happiness – 27 Oct 08


As you know these are festival days and we all celebrate. Tomorrow there will be the peak of celebration. What exactly is a celebration? It is a celebration when you share your happiness. When you share your happiness it means you want to give, when you feel happy to give. Most of the times we feel happy when we take but true happiness is when you enjoy in giving. That is how you will see in many festivals that there is a tradition of giving gifts. On Diwali, too, you give new clothes, sweets, money and light. In this way you want to share your love and happiness with others. I am also sharing my love and happiness with all of you through this diary. 

3 Replies to “Celebration is Sharing Happiness – 27 Oct 08”

  1. When we feel free to give we are free; we are free from the fear that we will not have enough, we are free from the fear that we will be unhappy, we are free from ourselves and the many things we cling too. And free from fear, the joy in us has space to arise and shine.

  2. Sharing happiness is one of the most wonderful things in our life. To me giving means more than taking. Because when I give, I automatically and immediately recieve a return present, which is most valuable: a smile! Everything you give will come back to you. This doesn’t have to be in the same way as you gave it. But isn’t this a fantastic law of nature?