Holi – Colour-Battle with the Children – 7 Mar 09


I thank all the people who wished me a good health in response to yesterday’s diary. I am feeling better today. It was the starting day of Holi. Thousands of people were doing the Parikrama, the pilgrimage walk around Vrindavan today, dancing, shouting, singing and of course throwing colours. My friend Paul left today after enjoying this first day of the festival.

Before he left he asked me if Holi got something to do with Krishna or if it was a religious festival. I said that in Vrindavan everything has to do with Krishna. It is his birthplace and in this spiritual country of India people relate so many festivals with religion. But for me this festival is a social festival. It is about being social, being simple, being with others, enjoying, getting crazy and going into extremes. You can do things which you are normally not allowed to do and children play tricks on everybody.

The children of our school and Kindergarten had lots of fun playing with colours today. Some of them already came to school in the morning with colour in their faces. They did not really have classes today but had food and then we distributed water pistols and colour so that they could play in the garden. The teachers also joined and you can see in our pictures how much fun we had. Another elephant also visited the Ashram today.

Su sponsored the food for the day today for Jeremy whose birthday it is. We wish him a happy birthday!

Click here to see pictures of today’s food
Click here to see the great colour battle of today

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