Beginning of Diwali – Shopping and the God of Ayurveda – 26 Oct 08


The Diwali celebrations go on for three days and today was the starting day. It is called Dhan Teras. Dhan means wealth and Teras is the 13th day of moon. As I wrote before, Diwali is also a celebration for prosperity and it starts with shopping. Everybody goes out and buys something. Just anything. So all markets and shops are full of people and it is a very important day for all business people. They have a big sale and wherever you go you will see many people.

Today people also had Pooja ceremonies for the God Dhanwantari who is the God of Ayurveda. He is considered as an incarnation of God Vishnu and he started Ayurveda, he is the father of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means the science of life and is the world’s oldest therapy.

This festival is a very nice combination of prosperity and good health. On this festive occasion everybody prepares lots of sweets and snacks. Of course in our Ashram we also prepare lots of sweets and when Ramona saw today that everybody made Indian sweets she decided to make some Christmas cookies, too. So this year the Ashram family will enjoy western sweets, too. Each year we also give sweets as a gift to friends and also to poor families. They will have a new taste with the German cookies.

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