Family Celebrations Disturbed by Fixed and High Expectations – 18 Dec 08


Tonight we were on a Christmas concert which was organized by Susi’s school. She also sang in the choir and played the piano in the orchestra. It was very nice and people got into the mood for Christmas.

A festival is for celebrating and enjoying. If we project our own expectations on others even in this festive time, it can destroy the fun of celebration. Very often people have their own expectations on how it should be. It is actually their own perception and doesn’t need to be the perception of others. And if everyone has a different expectation and fixed idea about how it should be, many people can get disappointed.

I want to give a small example: the family comes together to celebrate the evening of Christmas. The mother has the idea that everybody sits together and has dinner first and afterwards go to the together. But unfortunately the son-in-law does not like going to church at all so this part of the family decided rather to stay at home. And if the mother has the idea of going to church all together very fixed in her mind, she will be disappointed. But if the son-in-law comes along so that the evening can go in peace he actually acts fully against his wish.

Family celebrations very often end with smaller or bigger arguments because of these expectations. So when you go home to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year together with your family, do not have in mind how exactly the evening should be or what you and the others have to do. Just look forward to the time together and enjoy it!

One Reply to “Family Celebrations Disturbed by Fixed and High Expectations – 18 Dec 08”

  1. I think that keeping this entry in mind when the holidays come around this year will lead to a joyous holiday with my family where we share more love than anxiety.