Traditional Holi Celebration in Vrindavan – 19 Mar 08


It was a fantastic day! It is Ramona's birthday and we had a nice birthday breakfast. As it is so hot here we had a water fight with the boys from the Ashram. It was so much fun and also refreshing. Anyway you can dry really fast in the sun and even in the shadow.

After the water fight we went into the city to see a part of the Holi festival. It is the time in which you are allowed to be naughty like in carnival, I think. In this show that we saw men, equipped with shields and protection for the head are teasing women who, in return hit their shields with a bamboo stick. Of course it is all a funny show! Nobody gets hurt in this crazy festival fun. In the festival you are allowed to do what is normally not allowed. In this way you can express a lot of feelings. The atmosphere is special and exited! In the evening Ramona got presents. It was a great day again. Tomorrow we will play with colours with the children from the kindergarten. They will also be looking forward to this already.

3 Replies to “Traditional Holi Celebration in Vrindavan – 19 Mar 08”

  1. Visiting the Ashram I loved to watch people of all ages play together. What a gift the children gave me, allowing my age in so many sense to fall away from me. I miss you all.