Christmas Celebration at the Ashram in India – 24 Dec 09


So today is Christmas Eve. I know many people especially in America celebrate Christmas on the 25th but we had a great day full of celebration. Of course it is also the day that I came out of the cave nine years ago and so it was perfect to combine these two celebrations to one. We had invited many old friends and also neighbours and so we were already quite a few people to watch the performance of the school children which was again just beautiful.

After the program all the children received sweets and also our guests and we had a great lunch together. It is nice to meet some friends from school-time whom we haven’t seen for a very long time. And then we started the preparations for the Christmas celebration in the evening.

We put together some of Babaji’s trees and made a nice Christmas tree out of it. We decorated it with tree decoration which Thomas and Iris had brought last year and put cotton on it for making it look like snow. And soon our guests will come again and we are looking forward to sing, play, dance and distribute presents. We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas, beautiful holidays, peaceful and full of love and joy!

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