Wishes for a Happy Diwali filled with Love – 26 Oct 11


Happy Diwali!

Again the year went by quickly and we celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. The Ashram is decorated with lights and Ammaji has prepared a lot of sweets for the whole Ashram to enjoy. We have distributed boxes of sweets to friends in town and are now ready for our own celebration.

Last year I told you I could not resist the wish of the children to buy fireworks although I am in general against them. They create pollution, are not good for the environment, make noise and you spend money for some seconds of short-lived fun. Additionally they are also dangerous and although we took good care, there was an accident last year on the day after Diwali when some kids of the Ashram played with the rest of the fireworks powder. One boy got hurt, he burnt his arm and we had to go to the doctor with him. Remembering this accident we decided that this year there would be no fireworks. Instead, we will light candles, eat sweets and enjoy our time together. When the kids remembered how the boy had a wound for several days, they also agreed.

The preparations for a great dinner are going on, the sweets are waiting for us to eat them and the candles will be lit when it gets dark.

With the lighting of the candles we think of the meaning of Diwali, when you bring light into someone’s life. Light a candle of love and bring light not only into your life but show the path to others.

We all, Purnendu, Yashendu, Ramona and the complete Ashram family wish everybody prosperity and lots of love!

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  1. Julia

    A happy Diwali full of love and light with many sweets and happy surprises to you and your loved ones! Thank you for your daily writings about all these important topics and for sharing your private life with us, too! Thank you!

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