Diwali at the Ashram with Lights, Sweets, Friends and Fun! – 11 Nov 15


Today is the day of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights! It is, with Holi, one of the two biggest celebrations of the year and of course everyone has been looking forward to it. Also our German guests who have especially planned their journey for this time of the year so that they can be part of it!

Over the past days, our friends could already feel the atmosphere in town changing. The children of all schools had free and families were out and about, going for shopping, visiting relatives and preparing for the festive days. Bit by bit, chains of lights appeared at the house fronts around town.

Two days ago, our electrician started decorating the Ashram as well and yesterday evening we could already marvel in the beauty of our lighted garden, Ashram building, school and restaurant!

At the same time, the Ashram kitchen was going full speed on preparing Diwali sweets! The whole day yesterday, our cooks and some extra helpers from outside were busy rolling, mixing, cutting, turning, frying and baking the most delicious sweets! The whole Ashram was smelling wonderfully, our German group already had a first taste with their chai and we all enjoyed the results as a desert after dinner!

Since this morning, a lot of cleaning is going on and everybody is getting his good clothes sorted for the evening. We are now just about to start taking out the oil lamps. They have to be set up, we need the cotton wicks into the lamps and then fill them all up with oil before lighting them. It will be enough work for the complete Ashram family and our guests to fill the afternoon – and it will be a truly delightful task!

Finally, we will enjoy the beauty of our work together in the lighted Ashram, probably all in beautiful clothing, feeling special on this wonderful day with great company! A great dinner, maybe some dance and a lot of fun!

And even though our smallest one, Apra, has a cold and is coughing, she is in the middle of it all!

I wish all of you just as much fun as we are having, a beautiful Diwali if you are celebrating and simply a wonderful time of your life!

Much love to all!

Here you can see pictures of our Diwali celebration

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