Caste System in India Today in Politics, Schools and Jobs – 25 Oct 09


Yesterday I said that many people are still very aware of the caste system, even in bigger cities. And of course it is rooted in the society but there is another reason for it. The state, the government and the politicians are still making people aware of the system.

During election time the parties count the amount of people of each caste in each electoral constituency and then nominate candidates from that caste which has most people in that area. And then they advertise their candidate in this way, saying that he is one of them. It sounds nice, people from lower castes are candidates for their parties but in reality the politicians do the election for themselves and play with the caste system to get more votes from people.

Another example is that when government is looking for employees, for example in schools, the rule is that there has to be a certain percentage of people from lower castes. This creates many problems, discussions and protests because less qualified ‘low caste’ people get jobs which more qualified ‘high caste’ people then cannot get.

You need to understand that it is not a matter of money. Poor people and rich people can be of any caste. And then there is a law that people from higher casts are not allowed to call people from lower castes by their caste name otherwise he will be fined. It sounds good but this creates so many problems! People just go to the police and claim that another person called them by their caste and the police, corrupt as it unfortunately is here very often, makes the other person pay even if it didn’t happen. And they often don’t even check if the claiming person is actually from the low caste or from a higher caste. Also high caste people do this for money, there is no difference.

So you see, officially they say that the caste system doesn’t have any importance but then they support the caste system. I like to compare it with a plant that you don’t want to have in your garden. But if you constantly water it, why wouldn’t it grow? If you are saying that the caste system doesn’t exist anymore, why do you not select only and really only by qualification who will get a job or not or whom the people want to elect or not? This crazy system is still there but we will anyway keep on working for a world without these differences, without any castes and just with love.

4 Replies to “Caste System in India Today in Politics, Schools and Jobs – 25 Oct 09”

  1. I see what your saying here but since the caste system does still exist for so many people aren’t laws like this important even if they are abused by some people? Would there be even more abuse if these laws weren’t in place.

  2. If these laws were only a political ploy in the first place they might be doing more harm than good. But laws are laws, people make them good or bad and everyone is different.