Politicians use Caste System for Increasing their Votes – 10 Sep 10


Yesterday I mentioned that the Indian government is planning to make another count in the population after the census count in order to see how many people belong to which caste. Maybe some of you have not yet fully understood why the government is actually interested in knowing these numbers.

Unfortunately politicians want to take advantage of the wrong system of castes in Indian society. With this count they will get to know which caste is in the majority in which region of India. Each party then has a look at each region. If there is a region where there is a majority of Brahman caste members, the party will nominate a candidate who is Brahman himself. This will give this man a better opportunity to win the election because he will appeal to all voters of the Brahman caste to vote for him. He will lead his whole campaign in a way that concentrates on the members of his caste and that can as well be a lower caste.

The structure of Indian society is based on the castes. In the west some people think that there is a law against the caste system but the law actually is against someone’s discrimination because of his caste. Another law abolishes the ‘untouchability’, the idea that some people are that much low that nobody should touch them. The idea of different castes however still remains. I have written before, too, about how it is still very important for many families to marry their children in their own caste and not to eat with lower caste members at one table. With our school, where all children eat together without any difference, we want to work against this!

Have a look at these politicians though! It should be their responsibility to remove the idea of different castes from peoples’ heads but instead, they pour poison into their minds and hearts! You should be teaching people to forget about the caste system. You should sit with everybody, eat with everybody and tell people just to forget which caste they are from. They just need to see that they are human!

Another question came into my mind: if someone comes to my door and asks about my caste, what will I say? What will they do if I answer that I am of no caste? I am simply human, nothing else.

There is a big discussion now, mostly about the question why the government doesn’t do the caste counting along with the regular census and why they prefer spending all this money. When the supreme court asked the government to please distribute free grains to families who live below the poverty line and who would not be able to afford buying grains, the government answered that they could not afford doing that. For their game of elections, the politics of votes however it is possible to spend such a high amount! Isn’t it a crazy world in which we elect politicians who then spend money on counting instead of helping those whom they were elected for?

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  1. Unfortunately politicians want to take advantage of the wrong system of castes in Indian society, as well as discrimination of color and races in Brazil, which is prohibited by law, but used to sow discord and create confusion as they plan how to master the mind and body of the population for their personal interstings and pleasure.these powerful these inequalities created and now want to separate people, but the world has no boundaries. Thank you!

  2. Dear Balenduji , let us work for conscious evolution of the entire human race as you have been working and allow divine to win over them rather than making an issue .Thanks for your message

  3. Yes my caste is only human. We all belong to that. And this is already an issue and we need to make it an issue and bring more awareness around this if we want to get rid of this inhuman system. Conscious evolution will take place in the entire human race when this inhuman system will be finished. Mahatma Gandhi devoted his whole life for this and made it an issue.

  4. Let our awareness be directed to self discovery and aim at spiritual evolution rather than making an issue. but yes , we should be vigilant and aware that nothing happens around us and we never allow it happen around us in our consciousness…, family and friends. well conscious evolution is an individual affair and not an social affair at all. all social issues demands revolution and not evolution at all as far as and as little as i understand. any social, political institutions and work have not been able to bring conscious evolution and transformation, only individual takes charge of him. however, with little understanding , i always wish to be enlightened.when we say we or our caste is human , meaning , every one including those you oppose are also human beings.

  5. Acharya Krishna in Gita tells us that transformation does not take place simply because one is conscious of the need for change but rather that consciousness has to be transformed into action.

  6. Dear Annan, I fully agree with you. We need to take action. I don’t know how to play with words but being in India we know how much big problem it is and how many people only suffer from this and even get killed because of this caste system…. That’s why I wrote in my blog to bring more awareness and i believe we all have to raise this problem as issue and if we all will make this an issue than we can remove this from our soceity. I don’t understand, if we don’t talk about this and don’t make an issue then how will evolution or revolution or consciousness come in which we treat all humans same and not as untouchable which is still normal here in society. I am sorry, english is not my mother tongue but from my little effort I am trying to raise this issue.

  7. Then we;’re saying the same thing Swamiji. No need to apologize your English is just fine. However, I sincerely believe that significant change can only start with legislation and concerted, consistent enforcement which, based on the post above, does not seem likely anytime soon.

  8. if evolution takes place by raising an issue, then all our great spiritual masters should have raised it in the past. I am only submitting with all humility that individual transformation is must before we talk about raising an issue. raisi…ng an issue with people who are not aware and asking them to be aware, simply brings unconscious intentions in the front. and it becomes another problem than a solution. it is just my observation, i never object to what anyone is doing in the world as I am nobody to do that. it was just a reflection. social, religious and education and political institutions are considered the great pillars for transformation but i am doubtful if they transform the human race.I become aware and rise above in my consciousness, therefore, transcend all caste considerations may be the right thing for every individual.
    raising caste and other issues strengthen the issue within man’s unconsciousness than bring liberation from it. However, if people are given right education, food, sheltor and other basic means to live and exist- rest follows

  9. Swamiji transformation is a double edged sword. While some are able to transform themselves because they are contextually located to do so teeming others are so confined and restricted (lower castes) that it is impossible for transformation to take place. And that is why those who are conscious about the wrongness of an issue (caste in this case) must take the laad in helping to bring about transformation.

  10. I definitely object to what people do in the world. If someone calls another person ‘untouchable’ it is wrong and I object.You are right social, religious and political institutions cannot make a change as long as the individual doesn’t cha…nge. But educational institutions do make a change by doing exactly this: educating the individual. And you yourself say that right education is what is needed.
    It is only right to tell people to eat together at one table. However it doesn’t come from alone, you may have to explain it to them.
    You say ‘the rest follows’ and I believe the key word is ‘right education’. And for that it doesn’t matter if you talk to a child, an adolescent or an adult – and not in which way, if you talk to them in person or through a blog on the internet… you want to give a message to people: it is wrong to think another person is higher or lower than you.
    That is what we are doing here in our school and Ashram. Most of our children come from lower castes but we practically teach them and the ones from higher castes to sit and eat together and realize that they are all the same.
    You are all equal. Be an example and live your message. Others will follow.

  11. What you are doing is great Ramona but all hat teaching doe snot negate the division of caste; this division can only begin to be negated when it is officially proclaimed as wrong and official instruments – legislation, enforcement – ensure that official policy holds.

  12. I actually believe this is why I am doing it: the more people become aware and work for this goal, the closer it will be – and at some point it will be official, in theory and in praxis!

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