Ageing Effect instead of Anti-Ageing! – 27 Nov 09


In the article that I was talking about yesterday it was also mentioned that the products’ chemicals make you age faster instead of having the promised anti-ageing effect. And of course this will happen, your skin is not made for putting all kinds of things on it and it will age naturally.

Why do people get attracted by this promise? They think with this they will be more beautiful. Especially woman have this wish to be young, to look beautiful and appreciate the help of cosmetics. But think about it. Should you not rather believe in your own inner beauty? Should you not see that the cosmetics that you are using harm you instead of making you beautiful?

Personally I always find natural beauty much more beautiful than any kind of make-up. And another point is that you don’t need to pretend to be younger than you are. Don’t you see the beauty in so many old people? Your beauty doesn’t come from the outside and doesn’t depend on it if you have a few wrinkles. Be who you are, you are beautiful!

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10 Replies to “Ageing Effect instead of Anti-Ageing! – 27 Nov 09”

  1. Lovely to hear what you are saying, and in America it is so pushed on woman from a very early age, and effects men into being very shallow as well. I wish it were different. I am very fair complected and when I don’t wear some kind of ‘mineral poweder’ or some color, people ask if I am not well, or am I sick. Even at an early age my grandfather… See More would ask my mother ….. is she sick, or does she need to get out in the sun? I don’t use a lot of makeup, and when at home alone …… I don’t wear any ….. but, if I go out I do ….
    Thank you, Swami …… happy day …. to you.

  2. I have not worn makeup in over 8 years now.. special occasions maybe.. but that has been maybe 5 times in all those years.. I am very lucky to have such great genetics that I know I don’t look my age,, but I also don’t mind growing gracefully every year.. there is so much beauty in the wrinkles of our elders.. it should be honoured.. true.. big loving hugs. wonderful way of putting this Swami Balendu!

  3. It is strange that people in my home town turn their nose up at magic or religious miracles while they buy into “to good to be true” weight loss products and aging creams. What is the difference?

  4. There is a new procedure in plastic surgery now where people can get make-up tattooed onto their face. They think that this is easier than putting on makeup every day. But what a shame! You can never change the make-up or decide not to wear it one day. And with age, the tattooed make-up doesn’t look all that good on top of wrinkles. I think this is an impulsive and unfortunate decision to make for your body.

  5. I believe wrinkles are beautiful! They show experience and wisdom. Age is a number, life should be treasured and the more of it you have the more experience you have got.