Women: Do not Disrespect your Body by Displaying it or Hiding it – 31 Mar 09


Yesterday I said that women are often displayed like objects in advertisement and the media. But I often see that women want to show their body. Why do they do extra effort to attract someone with their body? Why do they wear this kind of clothes which show more and more of their body? Why should other people like her body, why wouldn’t they respect the woman? Why does the body become a subject of exhibition? Why are they so much focused on the physical beauty?

If any woman is doing extra effort to show her body I feel sorry because they do not respect their body. It will be great when people are attracted to you, give you love and appreciate you not because you have a nice figure and you are showing it. Women should take this responsibility to make people respect the woman, not only the woman’s body. What kind of message are they sending and what kind of mentality do they create? It will happen as it happened: a woman advertises shaving lotion for men. People will see her body instead of the soft feeling and beautiful heart of the woman.

I do not have this attitude about going to the beach and swimming for example. Of course you will put on a bikini or bathing suit but here in this culture you can see often that women go to swim in full clothes instead. That is another exaggeration. What is special in any part of the body? Everybody has the same body parts. You do not need to do extra effort for hiding anything and not for exhibiting, either. Why can’t we just be normal and natural?

From women who do an extra effort to show themselves I often hear the argument ‘It is the freedom of women, women need to be free’. But what kind of freedom is it when you are abusive and disrespectful to your body? You are giving a wrong message and try to attract people by showing your naked body. But my dear, you are more than a body and not only your body. People should love you not because of your body. Your real freedom would be if you did not use your body as a medium to attract people’s attention.

Everybody has a heart and a soul. I consider the body the temple of our soul, in which it lives and we should be very respectful with it. We should not make an exhibition with it and we should not have rules to hide it. Both is not right and if you do one of both, you are disrespecting your body.

5 Replies to “Women: Do not Disrespect your Body by Displaying it or Hiding it – 31 Mar 09”

  1. Flaunting bodies is part and parcel of society now. I have no respect for women who uses their body to climb the ladder of success and show that it is sign of modern culture. You can look beautiful by being fully clad and more attractive than women who crosses all lines of decency.

  2. Yay! Great post Swami Ji! Some people disrespect their bodies in nakedness and some people respect them in nakedness. There is a music video by Alanis Morissette called “Thank you” in which she is completely naked. She is natural as can be and very much respecting herself and then of course we have seen nakedness used in other ways. Nakedness itself is not a big deal. In fact you might prefer it (but since so many others would be so uncomfortable with you walking around naked its prob not a great idea to do so).

  3. I’m not sure I understand your exact point, Swami. If women should not exhibit or hide the body, then what to do and when? But when it comes to respecting your body, I think we should look at people’s intention, not just what they wear. If a woman is confident with her figure and wants to wear clothes that make her feel beautiful, I think she is very much respecting her body by exhibiting it. If she is doing it for the pure sake of enjoying and loving herself, then how is it disrespectful?
    With that, if a woman is ashamed of her body and feels ugly, she may wear baggy clothes to hide and cover up. She is disrespecting her body by calling it ugly and feeling ashamed to show it.

    So I think it is not a matter of how much clothing people are wearing, or how much of their body they are showing…but rather their attitude, intention, and feeling behind it.