Effect of Beauty-Illusion of TV on Young Girls – 12 Sep 09

New York
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Yesterday I wrote about the illusion that TV and media create for our children. And it is true, everything that they see of the ‘rich and the famous’ is how they smile and laugh in shining, glittering dresses. Especially young girls look at women in movies and in magazines and many of them develop feelings of inferiority by this. How these women in the movies look gorgeous even when they are crying!

A girl who looks at herself in a mirror and compares her own body and outer appearance with a movie star won’t see that many factors like make-up, lights and computer editing helped to make the star look like that. They don’t necessarily see that their admired stars wear lose shirts and not very good-looking worn-out pants when they are at home and just want to be comfortable there. Instead they believe that they, too, should learn walking in shoes that hurt when walking and which damages knees, hips and back.

They think they need to wear make-up every day, style their hair and wear fake nails. And with time they start believing that they are ugly if they don’t. They lose all their naturalness believing that it is ugly and needs to be hidden behind a mask of lipstick and mascara.

Why? Because they never see their idol without this mask. Please teach your children that TV and media is creating an illusion. Show them that they are beautiful, just as they are, that there is nothing wrong if you get wrinkles when you get older and that grey hair doesn’t take any of your beauty. Teach them to love themselves. Help them feel good in their body. Just as it is.

Today Su arrived back in New York, bringing lots of wonderful things from the Ashram including home-made parathas, bread, made by my mother. So we really enjoyed our dinner very much with Su, Jeremy and delicious reminders of our home.

13 Replies to “Effect of Beauty-Illusion of TV on Young Girls – 12 Sep 09”

  1. Dear Beresford, yes, of course, please use these words and spread them. It is very important for all of us.Thank you all for your comments and liking. Love

  2. That is so true..,my little girl.. is so beautiful i tell her all the time… as for tv i use it for getting stuff done.. who doesnt love cartoons?
    thank you internal love..

  3. As a young woman I can vouch for that- I feel pressured by the images. And a big part of my life is also helping my friends overcome their feelings of inadequacy from this. Takes up so much space in both individual and group mindset.

  4. I am holding my baby girl in my arms right now as I type this with one hand. Trying, even though she doesn’t know how to understand words yet, to tell her and help her feel a value in her that has nothing to do with appearance.

  5. It’s very unfortunate that the media has such a negative impact on young girls in this way. But I think the role of parents can be very crucial for this issue! Many girls will see what is portrayed in the media, but then will look to their own mom for further information and verification. If their mom is also obsessed with losing weight, wearing make-up, and having a good image, then this is reinforcement for what the girl saw on TV.
    But if her mom makes sure to teach her daughter that she is beautiful without all of that and that the media isn’t a real portrayal of beauty, then the girl will at least counteract this influence. And if parents spend enough time with their children in nature and in the community (rather than watching TV all the time), then the media will have a decreased impact as well!
    First– Moms, love yourselves for who you are!!
    Next– Teach your daughters the same!