Tanning and Make-up at 13? – 26 May 10

League City
United States of America

When we are travelling in Europe but especially also here in the US, I see many young girls at the age of 13 or 14 who already look so much older, some of them like 20 years old. They are wearing stylish clothes, have their hair done, are tanned and use – sometimes too much – make-up. They want to look older than they are although they are still children. You will realize when they start talking that they are much younger than they pretend to be.

I actually find it a pity that this is happening. Why do you need to look older? You are fine at the age that you are, you do not need to look older or pretend with your behavior that you are older. It is fine to be a child. And it is true, experience and maturity will only come with time, so people will still notice your age.

I want to add that you need to realize, too, what you do to your body! The skin in that age is so fresh, just young, soft and beautiful. You do not need to cover it with a hundred different coloured powders and pastes. That doesn’t make it more beautiful and it is not good for your skin! Tanning is very modern, too, you go into a sun studio and either lie there with intensive UV rays or get sprayed on until your skin is as many shades darker as you wish. However that is not at all good for you! Your skin cannot breathe and it burns!

I tell you one more thing, when you become older, you might regret if you overdid it with make-up and tanning! The skin gets wrinkles much earlier and at thirty you do not have the desire anymore to look older than you are. On the contrary, that is the age when people start using anti-ageing lotions and products – to make them look younger!

Accept yourself as you are, you are beautiful!

3 Replies to “Tanning and Make-up at 13? – 26 May 10”

  1. the USA can be a very competitive place, these girls have a lot to compete with in the beauty department and much value is placed on outer appearance. it is sad to see that such a young girl worries about sex appeal. Hard to watch sometimes.

  2. Young women want to look older and old women want to look younger. Haha! What an interesting paradox. If we didn’t focus so much on looks then we would all just live in the present moment anyway. I hope people can find ways to love themselves at any age, regardless of what they look like.

  3. That’s the problem of adolescence. Teenagers try to show, that they aren’t kids anymore, they want to be treaten like adults, so they use their body and their face to express this. Unfortunately during this period they don’t listen to anybody and when they get older, they regret what they did.