Diversity in Life and People is the Beauty of this World – 27 May 10

League City
United States of America

Life is beautiful. Yesterday I wrote about young girls who believe that with make-up, the right clothes and hair, they are more beautiful or look older. I would like to tell everybody that they are just simply beautiful as they are. Everybody has a different perception on beauty and this is how it should be. What TV and media tries is to create one certain type of person, one haircut, one shape of face, one way of talking and behaving as good and another as bad. That makes it easier for them to sell their shows, movies and of course their advertisement. But that doesn’t work in real life and it would be very boring.

Everyone is unique and everyone’s life is unique. There will never be anybody who is 100% like you. Not even identical twins are identical. But instead of seeing it as a competition on who is more beautiful, more intelligent or simply in any way better, you should just enjoy the variety. Be happy about the many different opinions, points of view and physical differences in life. Value life and its diversity. The world is only beautiful because we all are different from each other.

2 Replies to “Diversity in Life and People is the Beauty of this World – 27 May 10”

  1. I really think you hit the nail on the head when you pin this down to marketing. Which, surprisingly, so much of so many cultures in influenced by. some of it is tradition of course, but marketing is what really tells us what beauty should be. I often find myself sitting close to someone and seeing new beauty in them, physically, in a different way many times. Beauty is in constant movement and is in so many more places than we are willing to look. Looking pretty is different than being beautiful.

  2. I agree that there is beauty all over the world! It is amazing to see faces and varieties across the planet and how many different colors, shapes, and sizes of people there are.
    The other night, we were talking about how mixed-race people often have very beautiful features (such as Asian-African or Indian-European). This is very true– the varieties and unique looks continue to stun with beauty! But as we inter-mix the globe and races mix with all other races, I wonder if many centuries from now, everyone will look similar because we have all blended together! A melting-pot indeed.

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