Dishonesty of Fashion Industry – Impossible Ideals of Beauty – 7 Apr 10


Ramona went for shopping the other day and she came back with empty hands. I asked her what happened, if she couldn’t find anything she liked. ‘I wanted to buy a bra but fashion is just as dishonest as we are just writing in the diary…’ she said. I already started smiling at this point. ‘It is not that they don’t have bras in my size but obviously everybody wants to look two sizes bigger, they only have push-ups and upholstered bras with padding! I mean, this will make me look like this big!’ She pointed it out with a clear gesture and I had to laugh.

But think about it, really, it is right! Whom are you trying to cheat? You want to look good but you know what size your breasts are. If you want to find a partner and this is the body part that he likes about you – because you actually accentuated exactly that area – what would he think as soon as you are getting close enough to find out the effect of the bra?

It was a funny conversation but we also had some more serious thoughts about it. It is true, why does fashion put so much emphasis on creating this illusion? You need to love your body as it is and feel that you are beautiful, no matter what size you are. I feel that it is generally very wrong that the fashion industry and also cosmetics industry create an ideal of beauty that cannot be achieved, not even with many of their products. You will always chase after something that is made by computers and you need to realize that your body is perfect as it is. Love yourself, that includes loving your body as it is.

Yashendu gave a yoga workshop with the topic yoga for the back today in the evening.

6 Replies to “Dishonesty of Fashion Industry – Impossible Ideals of Beauty – 7 Apr 10”

  1. It is hard to love your body and your inner beauty, especially if no one has noticed it in you before. In my house my sister was always treated very ugly and when I became older and saw the affects it had on her it made me sad. Now I try to notice inner beauty in people and tell them about it to help them recognize it in themselves. We are responsible for how we view ourselves ultimately of course, but giving people a little push to help them see their own beauty is a good help I think.

  2. Roger,My sister had the same problem growing up. She now has a daughter of her own and is treating her to see her own beauty and even to explore it. The most important thing to do when you realize you have been made to feel ugly is to not pass on that ugliness to those around you. Counteract with the positive.

  3. I have thought about this topic before that women are ashamed to show the real size of their breasts so they buy padded bras.
    But it really isn’t fair when we are compared with men. The size of our breasts is something that men judge us on and use to decide whether or not they are attracted to us, or whether or not we would be a good partner for them. So it is something that women feel self-conscious about because we know we are being judged based on it before we even talk to someone!
    On the other hand, men are concealed in their body parts. Imagine if women knew the size of every man’s penis right off the bat and we could judge men ahead of time based on this! It’s really not fair and I understand why women feel self-conscious about their breast size. But there are plenty of men out there who like small boobs… it’s just a matter of embracing them ourselves!

  4. What we see in the advertisements of beauty products and fashion is never real. In nature there is no perfect symmetry. We should learn to accept this and to love our bodies and faces as they are…