Beauty Competition – Never Reaching Satisfaction – 5 Dec 08


One young girl came for a healing session and from our conversation I got a picture of her situation: She is a very sportive girl and very conscious about her figure. She always has a very busy program with the different training sessions of her sport clubs. She has a hard training program with playing tennis, running and playing basketball. Each day of the week there is something else and she is used to it because she does that since years. She also eats healthy food just as sportsmen do.

However her main target is not to have a healthy body, but to win competitions and to look good, which is also a kind of competition. Her health consciousness and good eating habits are not really inspired by the wish to be healthy. Her inspiration comes from the competitive mind of the modern society. You have to look good.

I see this problem especially in young girls that they create pressure for themselves that they need to look just like the women that the media presents them. If it is in TV or in a magazine, when they see a woman with long legs, shining hair and fully smooth skin, they find her beautiful and they have the wish to look like her. The idea of beauty is fully centered on the physical appearance. There is maybe not any exercise for them which makes their mind and soul beautiful. The focus is on the physical appearance. People who live with this feeling of competition for beauty are more in danger of falling into depression because they cannot win. They make it impossible for themselves to be satisfied. And when you are always jealous and never happy with yourself, depression is not far away. Why don’t we look for the beauty of the soul? This is much more important.

5 Replies to “Beauty Competition – Never Reaching Satisfaction – 5 Dec 08”

  1. I remember when I first started baby sitting and finding myself shocked at these two little twin girls, who were 4, told me they couldn’t finish their dinner because they would get fat. Incredible.

  2. I am a person who has always been told by people that I am physically beautiful. Sure, it felt good to hear those words. But it entered my ego and wouldn’t leave. If I am beautiful, then am I more beautiful than that girl? And that girl? And that girl? It became a competition in my mind. It was hard to let anyone else be beautiful because then I would have to question the quality of my own beauty. I didn’t want to be jealous anymore. I didn’t even want people to tell me I’m beautiful anymore. I would think, you don’t even know me on the inside! I want to be called beautiful on the inside!
    To this day, I am working on loving and accepting all that is beautiful about me in my own unique way. I can now feel comfortable appreciating the beauty of other women because they have their own special ways of being beautiful, just like I do. But it’s more important to appreciate your beauty on the inside because EVERYONE can be gorgeous inside.

  3. Beauty competition? A doom loop! When people, specially girls, think about their lookout, they are never satisfied. If you have blond hair, you want it brown, if your eyes are green, you want them black. Wouldn’t it be easier and more grateful to accept what nature gave you?