Strange Comparisons of Overweight People – 19 Jul 09


Today Yashendu, Ramona and I were talking about how people see their own body. Especially many women have big self-esteem issues about their body and Yashendu somewhere read a study that each third woman is not happy with her figure and trying to lose weight. And in many western countries the numbers of obese people is increasing more and more. But there are many people who are cheating themselves about their weight. Not everybody seems to be aware of it that they are overweight and I believe the biggest problem of all is that people always compare themselves with others.

Everybody should find his own perfect body weight. If you feel that when you are walking, you are carrying too much weight, you feel that you could do something about it. And many people start comparing themselves with others who are bigger than themselves. They see someone and think ‘He is fat, he must have 30 kilogram more than me! So I am fine!’ But they do not look at those who weigh 20 kilogram less and they do not really look at themselves. And this is why this is a very difficult topic here.

You can really insult somebody if you say something about their figure or weight because they are not comfortable with themselves. I would suggest to everybody who does not feel comfortable with their own body weight, to change something! And I do not talk about people with eating disorders, that is something else. I am talking about a healthy relation and conception of your own body. Love it as it is and remember that it is always in your hand to change something! You are not helpless about this. Be happy with your body, love it and take care of it.

2 Replies to “Strange Comparisons of Overweight People – 19 Jul 09”

  1. It’s very unfortunate for some people who inherit certain genetics that they dislike. Maybe they are naturally thicker and bigger because that is what their parents are. And if they want to change their bodies, they are going against what is natural and normal for them. Ultimately, I think they can change their bodies if they want to. But I would hope they would only change their habits to a degree that is healthy and balanced… and at that point, they need to accept how they look. Weight and image are not everything in life!! Be grateful for your breath and your heart beat. Be grateful for your mind and soul. 🙂