Advertisement with Nearly Naked Beautiful Women – 30 Mar 09


Yesterday I said that I felt it is disrespectful when there are rules for women to cover their whole body. But I feel the same when I see many advertisements in which women are displayed nearly naked to sell something. I feel hurt when I see that people treat a woman as a thing or that a woman does that to herself. If you see the media, TV channels and the whole advertising world you will see in what way they present women and the body of a woman. They have a certain standard figure and rules how a beautiful woman should look like. All those models and actresses have this figure and everybody should follow this example otherwise they can feel that they are not beautiful.

A big business world is advertising this and many women who do not fit in these parameters feel depressed, guilty and not beautiful. Why is the body of a woman a subject of showing or selling? You can see that even articles like shaving lotion for men are advertised by a woman but you will not see that a man does advertisement for tampons. This happens because people want to see the naked body of a woman and this is how even those products sell although she doesn’t have to do anything with it. This often happens with women and I do not understand in this world why it happens often that a woman is seen like a thing. In some way I also feel that women are responsible for this, too. Why do they participate in this race for beauty and join this competition? Why don’t they respect their body and accept themselves as they are? Please love yourself and your body, you are beautiful as you are!

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3 Replies to “Advertisement with Nearly Naked Beautiful Women – 30 Mar 09”

  1. As an american woman I can testify that it is important for an American woman’s self-esteem to feel marketable, literally marketable. So many women would not be able to make it in magazines, so it is easy to feel depressed or guilty about being undesirable. the truth is that many women who feel ugly are perfectly wonderful. it’s an attitude and a way of life to be beautiful, less concern with appearance allows your true self to come to the surface.

  2. You’ll notice that men are marketed for their looks much less than women. Why is it that women wear make-up, shave their legs, wear high heels, dress sexy, and are the object of desire, yet men dress simply and consistently? Much less emphasis is placed on the way men look in most, if not all, cultures. Why is this??
    It’s not a coincidence… Women are the creators of life, the nurturers of the planet. By the divine decree of our gender, we are meant to represent sex and reproduction because the male energy (with testosterone and sex drive) desires to find a female to mate with. If it were entirely up to women, much less reproduction would occur because we lack the drive to mate that men have– we are the receivers and the object of it. It’s just the way of nature in all cultures and all species. So it’s not strange, immoral, or unnatural that women are the image and object of sex in human society.

    BUT… it is up to women to respect their sexuality and their bodies. Be sexy if you want to, but have pure intentions and awareness of the power you maintain in your sexuality. Be wise…

  3. Unfortunately the body of a woman is often used as an object. There is only that body, which is separated from the rest. When people see that body, they never think, “oh, she looks friendly, or she has a positive energy”… The first connotation is about sex. It’s the law of “sex sells”. And what’s the reason for tons of naked women in advertisements, while men are rarely naked in magazines and on TV?