How to Lose Weight – 10 Sep 09

New York
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A woman was here for a healing session and asked me what the best way was to lose weight. I have written about this many times in my diary and said her, too, that the main point is your wish and your decision. She told me that she wanted to make this decision but she also wanted to go on living her life, eating out with friends, having dinner with her family and having TV evenings. I said her that she could go on eating out and with her family without any problem, she could just take care of what she eats, how often and when.

And a little bit surprised I asked her what the connection was about losing weight and having TV evenings. She told me that whenever she watched TV with her husband or children, they took out snacks like nuts, popcorn and wafers and drank coke. And if she told her family that she wanted to lose weight, they complained that they would not have any nice evenings together.

First of all I told her that a ‘nice evening’ doesn’t have to depend on TV. Play games with your children or go out for a walk. And if you decide on watching TV, losing weight should not keep you from that. It is only a habit that you eat wafers and snacks or drink soda with it. And if you don’t want to miss something sparkling, take plain sparkling water. You are anyway not eating consciously while doing something else, so why would you miss it? What exactly would your body miss if just an hour before you had a nice and full dinner? It is only your mind. And eating from the mind is never good. You can change your habits, it is in your hands!

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  1. Losing weight is technically simple: consume less calories than you expend in a day.
    But often there are deeper issues than that preventing the loss of weight. Some people “hold on” to weight psychologically because they are depressed or fearful. Often women who are raped tend to gain weight and not lose it because, subconsciously, they are trying to protect themselves from being rape victims again. Some people may have mental blocks preventing them from changing their habits.

    Regardless, there is no reason why any of this could not be helped. I think anyone can lose weight if they really want to. But it might require digging deeper into their psyches through counseling, journaling, and healing in order to lose the weight.