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Tattoos, Piercings and Body Implants – Beautiful, ugly or strange? – 21 Jun 11

In different workshops and lectures I have often told people that they are beautiful as they are. I have talked and also written a lot about inner beauty and outer appearance. I have explained that especially women can have real psychological problems if they don’t get self-confidence to find themselves beautiful as they are. They use tons of make-up to present a person who they are not and they believe it makes them more beautiful.

Today I want to mention another fashion which makes people feel more beautiful but which in my eyes is not something that could enhance the natural beauty of a person: Tattoos and piercings.

I said it was a fashion but of course that has been a fashion for many years already and this is how there are so many people who can tell you of their experiences with ink-drawn pictures and holes in different parts of their bodies. Tattoos and piercings can be everywhere nowadays. People have tattoos on the complete body, including on the eyeballs. Piercings with rings, studs and some other designs decorate their body from top to toe and even their genitals are not safe.

I never understood the reason for this kind of body decoration. You actually ruin your body. You make holes into your skin that are not supposed to be there and you put ink under your skin where it does not belong. And it is permanent!

More and more young people have a tattoo done and realize after ten or twenty years that is simply doesn’t fit anymore to who you are. It is not any wonder, you may not like the cute little heart with the wings anymore when you are 35 although you loved it when you were 18 years old and had it done. But now it is on your neck, visible to everyone whenever you don’t wear a turtleneck pullover – and in summer this means always.

There is a scenario that is even worse but also quite common: you have the name of your partner or spouse tattooed onto your forearm, hip, back or shoulder and discover after some time that it won’t work out for you. You break up and still have this name inked onto your body, a constant reminder of a past that you might want to leave behind soon.

There are two solutions to this dilemma and it is mostly stars and celebrities who have showed the general public how to solve such problems: you can have it removed with a laser that practically bursts the colour particles under your skin. It takes several sessions and a lot of money and can leave nasty scars. Another possibility is to tattoo over it, so that it turns to another picture or another slogan. Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Britney Spears are only some examples of celebrities who have had and removed tattoos.

So these are the regular stories of tattoos but there are people who actually advertise that having certain symbols tattooed onto your body gives you more energy and can have certain effects from fertility to wealth. It is wrong to tell someone that a tattoo would heal or give particular energy. There was a time when people lived in tribes, were uneducated and really believed that a certain array of dots and stripes on your forehead gives you strength and power. We live in modern times however and are aware that this is not the truth. This strength comes from your believe that you are strong, not from the tattoo.

I am just surprised again and again when I see what people do to their body. Many people really have extremely many tattoos and piercings so that you cannot really see the person underneath anymore. Other extremes are tattoos on tongues, eyeballs and genitals. Another strange fashion that you really cannot call art anymore is to have body implants and modifications. People have devices inserted under their skin merely for decorative purpose and thus get horns on the head, stars on the arms or even coins and beads in any part of the body.

Don’t do this to your body, you are beautiful and fine as you are.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Armin

    Indeed, I also thought Tattos are cool when I was younger but today I think compleatly different.And I always try to stop people getting tatoos. Luckyly I only have one Tatoo and that one isn`t a problem for me, but I`m very happy that it is just that one.

    Love Armin

  2. Aashu

    I just simply don’t understand why you would want to hurt yourself? I also heard from people that they even got ill after getting their tattoo done. I just wonder why anybody would do that?
    Tattoos were not enough, so people wanted to get piercings done everywhere. You can have a piercing in every part of your body but in reality it is just a hole in your body with some steel through it. If they ever got an electric shock with having all these piercings in their nose, tongue, lips, nippels, belly button, penis, testicles and vagina, how much it would hurt! The metal will intensify the shock and it can cause permanent damage especially on those delicate parts.
    As Swami ji wrote, they now have even newer attractions like body implants. I saw a picture on the internet of a guy who had such beads in his penis. It looked like a dotted penis. There are dotted condoms on the market, maybe he can now save the extra cost of dotted condoms. Thinking of this all on one side make me laugh and the other side makes me feel pity for these people.

  3. Emily

    I understand why people get piercings and tattoos, even if it may not be in their best interest. I, myself, had tongue and bellybutton piercings that I recently took out to heal. For me, it was a sense of decorated identity and a way to tribute things that happened to me in my life. On a deeper level, I learned that people often get piercings in order to open themselves more and go deeper in themselves. They don’t know exactly how to get in touch with their souls or their god, so they open literal holes in their bodies in order to try and open themselves. It is metaphorical but it’s true. I am now ready to heal the holes I put in my body because I have learned new ways of opening myself to my soul. I certainly don’t regret getting them done because it was a learning experience for me, and luckily, piercings can be removed and healed. Tattoos, on the other hand, are permanent. And it’s almost impossible to pick a tattoo that you will like and connect with forever! Again, I understand why people do it, but maybe using fake tattoos or henna could be a way to temporarily enjoy the decoration without harming your skin!

  4. Mirela

    I think tattoos, piercings and body implants can be both: ugly and beautiful. If it is decent, it can look nice. But if your whole body is full of that stuff you don’t look natural anymore. Anyhow, if you can accept and recognize your natural beauty, then you don’t need this kind of decoration at all.

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