Striving to look the opposite of how you look like? – 20 Apr 12


Yesterday I told you about that strange advertisement from which you get the idea that women are more self-confident, more beautiful and more wanted if they are fair around their genitals. This may be the only company so far that sells fairness lotions for the intimate area but there are really lots of products for the rest of the body and especially the face already. Each time when I see an advertisement for such a product, I wonder why there is obviously a market for so many different brands and so many different lotions and creams.

In any place there seems to be always a market for achieving the opposite of what people have. While here, where people tend to have dark skin, you can buy whitening creams, you can buy tanning lotions in parts of the world where the sun does not shine with such intensity as it does here and where people are thus of white skin. Girls in India are proud and believe themselves to be beautiful if they are the fairest in their class whereas I have heard that tanned girls in America deem themselves pretty. They seek the sunshine while Indian girls avoid it.

It is actually always the same. You strive for that what you don’t have. If you have curly hair, you want it to be straight. If you have straight hair, you wish for having curls. Many women who have curves just because of their body type, their DNA, wish for being thinner. Women who have this figure that others dream of however try to put on some weight because they find themselves too bony – and unattractive because of it! Small women want to have longer legs to look more elegant whereas tall women complain that all their elegance doesn’t help them because men allegedly don’t want a woman taller than them.

This is how different industries take advantage of all those wishes. There are hair straighteners and curling irons, there are pills to lose weight and to gain weight, here I see nearly daily advertisement for some weird medicine that is said to make you taller and I am sure somewhere you will also find the opposite of that. You can colour your hair in any colour you like, you can put make-up on and change your complexion completely, you can conceal parts of your body and you can get your whole body changed by surgery, too.

The only thing that you will achieve is to make those companies a bit more rich. You will not get more self-confident on the long run, you will not be able to change your inner being and you will surely not gain happiness merely by taking those steps. If you have the feeling to make a change, do it, sometimes it can be healthy. At the same time however please take care to accept what you have and who you are.

Be yourself and love who you are. You don’t need to change your outer appearance to find love. Love comes from inside, from the heart and from the soul.

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  1. I think that is still healthy to have a bit of both in your life. Most people want to look neat and attractive, both for yourself as well as others! Wearing a bit of make up or different clothes is a way of expressing yourself. It is when things get dangerous like surgery that it is really worrying.

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