How does Vagina tightening Lotion empower Women? – 3 Sep 12


If you have been following my blog, you may have read my post about the fairness lotion for vaginas which was sold here in India where many women believe the first sign of beauty is fair skin – obviously everywhere. I recently saw advertisement for another product which was similarly outrageous: vaginal tightening lotion!

The lotion is called ’18 again’, a name that already tells pretty well whom they want to attract: women who feel that they were attractive and beautiful when they were 18 and who would like to have this feeling again. But wait – because of her intimate area?

In the advertisement a woman of maybe thirty years dances around a man singing ‘I feel like a virgin’ and the people in their surrounding are shocked while her husband is visibly happy dancing with her, joining her: ‘Oh yes, it’s true, feels like the very first time!’ and in their advertising text you can read: ‘'18 Again', a vaginal rejuvenation & tightening gel is redefining the term women empowerment. It is a powerful and natural answer to intimate feminine concerns. A remarkable product to empower the new age women.’

You can only be astonished and wonder about this kind of product and the fact that they put it out onto the market where it will definitely sell. It may not get as popular as whitening lotions for the face do because it is a private issue but I am very sure that there will be women who buy it – and probably it will be considered a success by the selling company.

Their FAQ makes clear that it is not an immediate miracle solution as other lotions and products claim but that you need to use it for eight to ten weeks twice a day and additionally have to do recommended Kegel exercises. So you see, someone who really wants to use it to ‘tighten and rejuvenate’ her vagina, has to buy quite a lot of this lotion to use until an effect can be noticed – and she has to do pelvic floor exercises. Needless to say that the exercise on itself would also have an effect just on its own. How much the lotion adds is questionable to me.

The biggest problem I have with this is the message that you give women. You are presenting this as a tool for female empowerment but aren’t you doing exactly the opposite? Aren’t you telling women that they are only attractive for men and can only feel good as long as they have a vagina like an 18-year-old? Aren’t you reducing women only to her genitals with this product?

Really, it is a shame that anybody can even think of such a product! What will happen is that women who are unhappy in their partnership and with their sex life will start blaming themselves and the aging of their vagina and will buy this nonsense. In the end they will be simply crushed and disappointed when they realize it did not work or that this was definitely not the reason for the problems in their relationship.

Bleach your face with ‘fair and lovely’ cream, trim your body and get slim and tall with pills, make your vagina fair and in the end tighten and rejuvenate it – is this what makes you a beautiful woman? I don’t think so!

Get some self-confidence, realize that there is a unique beauty to all of us and that aging is a natural process that does not take any of your beauty. Any effect of childbirth is also natural. Real men understand this and who does not, should better learn it. Because we have to stop wanting to change our bodies to be loved by others.

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