Are you unhappy with your Body, feeling guilty after eating your favourite Food? - 23 Feb 15
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Today I would like to write about a topic which I believe is important for everyone, meaning people of both genders: you have to feel good in your body. It should be healthy and you need to take care of it but you don't need to try to reach common beauty ideals or figures that tell you your ‘ideal weight’. Don’t let them make you unhappy!

First of all, I want to say that I am really in favor of healthy eating and a healthy weight. When I say you should love your body, I don't mean that you should ignore overweight that is causing you back, hip and knee problems and very serious health issues like diabetes. When I say you should feel good in your body I don't want to encourage you to accept an unhealthy underweight either, which can be a real danger, too.

There is however a wide range in between overweight and underweight. And this is something that is not widely accepted. Beauty ideals which are propagated by the media always show you exactly one figure, one weight, one ‘way to be’. It is highly unrealistic, no, impossible for every person on this earth to look the same.

And how would you change your body over the course of time the same way as these ideals change? How can you go from curvy in one decade to super skinny in the next? You cannot have both with just the one body that you have!

That is how I say it is most important that you feel good! Even if you are over or under the one figure that is supposed to be your ‘ideal weight’, as long as you are healthy, you should feel good! And that includes meals, eating and exercise, too!

I am really a fan of food and I enjoy my daily yoga and workout as well. I have heard from so many women however that when they eat, they count every calorie and feel guilty after festive dinners or just indulging in their favourite food – which they should actually enjoy! The result is that mealtime is something they are dreading and even disorders can be the consequence!

Men, too, have such issues though, just that they mostly get obsessed with sports and exercise, with building muscles and sweating off every extra calorie they ate. Nothing against a good, sweaty workout – but once you HAVE to go to the gym every single day and for hours after holiday meals, it becomes a constraint. That is not behavior that shows your love for your body.

Stop feeling bad about eating, love food. Love your exercise but don’t mind if you don’t do it one day or do less one day. Don’t place importance on ideals from outside – and love your body. Enjoy life – and that won’t happen if you declare war on your body!

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