Losing Weight – Tips by Swami Balendu – 18 Jun 08


A lot of people come for healing sessions who want to lose weight. They come to me and ask me what they should do. Sometimes there is a problem with the chemical and biological reactions in the body because of a specific medical problem or treatment for example with tablets which help gaining weight, but this case is rather rare. Normally all body functions work properly and it is a problem of not being disciplined, eating too much and missing physical exercise.

Of course I can give you healing and it can give you will power and strength to be disciplined but you have to put in some effort. Many people then say “I am unhappy, I am not satisfied, that is why I eat”. It is a good excuse that I hear often from those who do not have the discipline to eat less. Why can’t you see it the other way around: you are not happy with your body, you are overweight, so you should eat less. If you are unhappy with your weight, why do you keep on eating too much? It is your decision to lose weight.

Our body is the temple of our soul. Our soul, our God lives in it and we need to respect it and take care of it. This also means that you take care what you put into your body and how often. Listen to it and only eat when you are hungry, not because you are bored and not because things like nuts and sweets are standing around. Take care of what you eat, eat healthy food, eat vegetarian. Your stomach is not a garbage box. Fill it with nice things, not with junk food or fast food.

I do not suggest going hungry, this is not at all the sense. Here is a small tip which can help you to lose weight: do not start your day with eating but with warm water. After getting up, drink warm water. You can start with one glass and then increase up to four glasses that you drink in the morning. This will clean your stomach, help your metabolism and your digestive system and it will clean your kidneys. If you want to, you can also put in some lemon, this will burn fat. Additionally you will not be hungry for the next one or two hours. I know everybody can lose weight, it needs the discipline. I have seen people who lost 200 Kilogram of weight. Do not give excuses, if you have the strong wish to do it, you can do it!

As it is full moon today we will have a distance healing meditation again and I am looking forward to connect with my friends all over the world.

5 Replies to “Losing Weight – Tips by Swami Balendu – 18 Jun 08”

  1. “If you are unhappy with your weight, why do you keep on eating too much? It is your decision to lose weight.”A very clear-cut bit of truth.
    Thanks for sharing Swami Ji

  2. Losing weight is really easy if you just WANT to. Many people find themselves unable to do what they think they’d like to (ie. losing weight, quit smoking) because they don’t realize in the back of their minds they still don’t want it enough.