Our Perception of Beauty – 1 Feb 08


In my Darshan today I was talking about our perception of beauty. Very often people who come for healing tell me that they do not like themselves, don't like their own body. It is obvious that this is not very helpful for their self-esteem. How come that they don't like themselves? The society, media, TV and advertisements give us an idea what beauty should look like. This gives you your parameter of beauty. And if your body looks like that, you consider yourself beautiful. If not, which is the majority of people, you do not like yourself. Once I said to one of my clients to stand in front of a mirror and see the beauty in himself. It is like we are looking through coloured sunglasses. If they are red you will see everything in red, if they are green the whole world will be green. Please take off the glasses and look at the real beauty that is in you. You are also His creation. You are beautiful! There is so much beauty in this world which we do not see because we are using the wrong parameter. Love yourself!

We had guests for dinner. I love eating with a few more people, not alone. I remember the time when I was traveling through Europe for the first time. I was traveling alone and I didn't have many friends in Europe yet so I would have been alone for dinner. But as I don't like to be alone for cooking and eating I just always asked my last client if he or she liked to stay for dinner. Like this I enjoyed dinner, got to know some of my friends and had a bigger number of dinner guests each day.

5 Replies to “Our Perception of Beauty – 1 Feb 08”

  1. We certainly do view the world through many different filters. Even in areas that have nothing to do with beauty, there is a filter that will show us anger in everything, a filter that makes the world look sad or unfair. A filter that keeps us feeling ugly or worthless, or even from seeing worth in others. Filters separate us from each other, they make the gaps between different people even more vast and they keep the world a cruel place.In a life when perspective is 99% of how we experience the world or reality, why not try to remove a few filters?

  2. Samwell- as I read your post and swami Ji’s, I got the vision of an angry man walking down the street with fifteen pairs of sunglasses all crammed on his head at once. It made me laugh, it’s important to keep your filters in check.

  3. Sometimes I look at myself and I think of a long list of things that are wrong with me. a few hours later, I look at myself, and I see beauty. All in one day I see so many things. I know it isn’t dependent on what’s there, it is dependent on how I translate what’s there into my mind. and what I value in myself and others is up to me.

  4. Be it the color of your eyes, your weight, your hair, your nose or anything else….There is no unique parameter, which can say what is beautiful and what’s ugly. Every person has some kind of beauty, it’s up to us to recognize that. Beauty isn’t always what you see, but what you feel. Tons of make up won’t help, if your inner is full of negative energy.