Birthday at the Ashram with feeding the Poor – 01 Mar 08


When we are talking about sensitivity towards energy it is not only negative energy. In the same way we also feel when something is very positive. Some people find a lot of peace in a forest. You enter it and after a few steps you feel better, happy, calm. Holy places, spiritual centers, forests, Ashrams. All the places that people like to go to are popular because there is such a nice atmosphere. The atoms that you breathe in there are full of peace, love, happiness and joy. Many people are fed up with the crazy, hectic atmosphere outside and escape to such a place.

I am happy to say that our Ashram is such a place for a lot of visitors. Normally it is very quiet there. Today however a lot of people were invited to celebrate Roger's birthday. Each year we are organizing a Bhandara for him. We invite all school children and around 400 Sadhus to have a meal in the Ashram. It was great, we all distributed food. I think this is the best birthday party that you can have. I encourage people to celebrate like this because you share your own joy and happiness. Additionally you get the blessings of so many hungry people! If you would like to have this kind of celebration some time, please do not hesitate to ask us. We love doing this and to make many happy.

Roger also had a present for every child of our Kindergarten. He and Mady had bought colour pens and boxes for them and Purnendu had a bag made for each child. Now our kids have something to put their new pens and their notebooks in. They were so happy! And Ramona and Roger both want to have one of the bags, too, because they are so pretty! You see, in such a joyful atmosphere it is impossible to stay in a bad mood.

For giving a beautiful evening to a wonderful day we had a musical evening with Indian musicians who were making Indian classical music. Afterwards my father chanted some Mantras with us and David played on his didgeridoo. Sanjeev, my friend from London is also here so we are having very nice company. Wonderful day!
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5 Replies to “Birthday at the Ashram with feeding the Poor – 01 Mar 08”

  1. I love to go into a forest and breath the air there. In the light it feels one way, in the shadow of a boulder it is cool in your nose. I haven’t been to a forest in a very long time.

  2. I love the forest. It is so fresh and refreshing, especially I like going in alone and listening to all the sounds. It is a very healing things for me.

  3. It is always a blessing to give to children. The heart easily warms at the smiles on their faces. You know their smiles are so fleeting as their attention runs everywhere, but they are not slow to smile. So they may smile at a million tiny things, and it is always a joy to see that happen.