Forever Young with a Young Attitude – 14 Oct 10


Today is my birthday. With the flood in Vrindavan the school children did not have much time to prepare a program but they wanted to show something and this is how they spontaneously danced for two songs. The dance teachers could not stop themselves and joined in. It was really nice and fun, just spontaneous and informal.

As I told you before, we also distributed medicine today to those children for whom the ultrasound gave results. Their parents had come and we explained them all how to take their medicine and when they have to go to the doctor again to check if it helped already.

So we distributed medicine and it was really a nice celebration in this way.

So I am another year older and a friend sent me birthday wishes asking ‘How do you feel, one year older? I am sure you don’t feel old!’ I had to laugh about this mail. Of course my friend knows my attitude, my ideas and my feeling and that’s why he already knows that I do not really give much importance to age and numbers. I really feel that it does not matter at all.

It all depends on your attitude and feeling. If you feel young, why would you not be young, too? If you think that at a certain age your life is nearly over, you are already old and will soon get diseases, then you behave in this way and your body will soon start making you feel this pain of the age you imagine. If you don’t think of your age as something that has a certain bad effect, then it doesn’t matter how old you are!

Today I talked with my grandmother who must be ninety soon. Nobody really knows how old she is. She now daily walks up to the gate of the Ashram and back and she is getting fitter and faster each day. If you exercise, if you stay active, if you laugh and dance, then you will stay young.

5 Replies to “Forever Young with a Young Attitude – 14 Oct 10”

  1. Nothing more wonderful than to sing and dance on one’s birthday-or any day. And having all those sweet children around. Growing old is an illusion. We are always the same age inside.

  2. When I ask people their age here in India, most just reply with a nod like it is not important to them. I think age really loses its importance once you are in your late teenage years. After that people in the west just start to think they are getting old.