Birthday Celebration of Yashendu at the Ashram – 8 Aug 10


Today is Yashendu’s birthday and we have spent the day celebrating. He turned 30 but I think the 0 doesn’t count, it is just a 0, we can say 3 also, he is anyway our little prince here in the family. I think he also had as much fun as 3-year-old can have today.

We had a wonderful lunch and afterwards the children were invited to have lunch here even though it is Sunday. This was Thomas’ and Iris’ gift for Yashendu: food for the children. I love this idea. No matter how much money you spend on your birthday party, you will never see so many happy faces as you can see when feeding poor children. The children had trained with Ramona and they sang Happy Birthday for Yashendu before starting to eat.

Ramona had a new idea of how we could give Yashendu his presents and this is how in the afternoon, when the sun was not very hot anymore, you could see him walking through the garden, searching for his gifts, following some signs and hints that were hanging in the trees. Suraj and Chhotu were of course most happy about this idea and ran ahead of him, trying to be the first ones to discover the presents.
It was a lot of fun and when he had found all, he started unpacking, again of course with eager help of the small ones. After this, we started a water party outside, filled little balloons with water, had a pipe on the roof from which water showered down and then it even started raining.

Now we will have samosas, a special snack that Ammaji made especially for Yashendu’s birthday, and some dinner. It was a beautiful birthday that everybody enjoyed.

See pictures of Yashendu's birthday

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  1. May you have all the joy your heart can hold,All the smiles a day can bring,

    All the blessings a life can unfold,
    May you have Gods best in everything.

    Wishing u a Happy Birthday

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    «´¨`.¸.*HAPPY BIRTHDAY*.¸.´¨`»
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  3. Let The GOD Decorate Each GOLDEN RAY OFTHE SUN Reaching U Wid Wishes Of SUCCESS,HAPPINESS & PROSPERITY 4 YOUWish U A Super DuperHaPpY bIrThDaY. . .n To Hear UMay God Grant U Alwayz. . .H . B . D. ;->

  4. Bar Bar Din Yeh Aaye, Bar Bar Dil Yeh Gaaye,Tu Jiye Hazaron Saal, Yeh Meri Hai Aarzoo,
    Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to Yashendu, Happy Birthday to you..

    Wishing you Love, Joy and Happines … may every moment of your life is field with love and joy and may this flam of your love intoxicates all heart that crosses your path.

  5. Gratulerer med dagen (= Happy Birthday in Norwegian). I´m going to India in September for 3 months and hope to visit your Ashram during my stay. 🙂

  6. Is it possible for you to further expand with light and love? Here’s to hoping so— we love you, Yashendu. I am grateful that you were born on this day, many moons ago. &65

  7. Happy birthday for Yashendu – and I think the way to find his gifts – was an exiting way for all people around him – especially the children – Smile to all of you !!!

  8. I want to say many many thanks to all of you for your lovely and beautiful birthday wishes. I really had much fun and I enjoyed a lot celebrating my birthday with the family and all children. It is really nice, even I want to invite you all at least once you should celebrate your birthday with Ashram family and children I am very sure you will never forget it.
    Once again Thank you very much for your Love & Wishes

    My Best Wishes and much Love to all…..