Swami Balendus Birthday Celebration – 14 Oct 08


Today is my birthday and it was a wonderful day! A lot of things were going on. Roger had sponsored the food for my birthday. It was very nice to celebrate with the children like this and to give them some pocket money, too.

Today the Ayurvedic Yoga Course started, so the participants and therapists were there and some of the Yoga students are also still in the Ashram. And then there were many friends who are in the Ashram at the moment or who came especially for this occasion. Together we watched the performance of the school children which was so nice! They have prepared that especially for this day and it was very cute to watch! The program also changed spontaneously when more people decided to contribute to the program. Laila, Ramona and her mother taught some children a certain dance which was also great. How quickly the children can learn that! You can see everything that happened today in the pictures. You can see who danced and how we enjoyed this day.

Because of the celebration I missed several phone calls from dear friends. Others sent me mails and sms and I thank you all for the great wishes that I got. In the next days I will also talk on phone to those who tried to call me today.

It is Sharad Purnima and the moon shines really wonderfully onto the earth tonight. The temperature also decreased so that it is not anymore too hot. I will now go into the cave to do the full moon meditation and the distance healing. I am looking forward to connect with everyone who is also in meditation at the same moment.

Click here to see pictures of the lunch with the children
Click here to see pictures of my birthday party

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