My 38th Birthday Celebration – 14 Oct 09


Today is my birthday and it was a very beautiful day. My friends, who had been asking Ramona for a long time for a birthday present for me, had decided together with her that I would be most happy about something that makes many people happy. And so they talked to Munnu and he bought new plates and glasses for all children. It is a beautiful gift! And in the evening we had a celebration.

The children of Kindergarten and school have been practicing since weeks for dancing tonight and it was great. Our friends enjoyed very much to see how they are playing a story and dancing in traditional and modern way. They said that they would not have had the courage in that age to go on a stage and dance. After the performance they all got Laddus, Indian sweets. We had a delicious birthday dinner and then my friends surprised me with some songs which they sang for us.

I was very happy that everyone was having so much fun and enjoyed being together, celebrating, laughing, dancing and singing. A beautiful birthday! I thank all the children, teachers, my family and my friends here for the great day and also want to thank everybody for the birthday wishes by mail, phone and in all other ways. I am so happy to feel your love and will always be sending you loving thoughts!

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