Make the best out of Things – 25 May 08


Today is Susi’s 15th birthday. We had a wonderful breakfast with a torte without eggs that Andrea has made especially for this day. As it was the first time that she tried it without egg she had chosen two recipes to have at least one torte which is nice. I am not a baking specialist but somehow both flan cases went wrong right in the beginning so that she could make neither of the tortes. However she had the wonderful idea to make one cake out of the two failed attempts. And it tasted wonderful! If something doesn’t work out how you would like to have it, make the best out of it and sometimes it can be nicer than what you actually intended to make!

Among other presents Susi got an envelope with money. I found it a very good present. Now she can buy something that she really wants to have. She might enjoy that much more than anything that one chooses for her.

While writing the diary I got very emotional because it is the birthday of my little sister, too. It is now one-and-a-half years ago that we lost her in a car accident. Since then I have not even looked at a picture of her. I miss her very much. I was crying when telling all of this to Ramona to write it down. It is okay and good to cry sometimes and I allow myself to let this flow. How many different emotions come in one day!

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  1. Making the best out of a situation is the best way to look at it. It can turn a disaster into a miracle! Sometimes you aren’t expecting things to turn out a certain way. But if you open your mind and follow your guidance, you can create something beautiful out of a mistake or an unplanned circumstance.