Always a Reason to Celebrate – 16 Mar 08


It is Melly's birthday today! We had a great breakfast and started in the afternoon to go to an old palace 50 kilometers away. It is a beautiful place in Rajasthan, more than 250 years old. However you have the same thing: It is not taken care of properly. An old building needs some care. If it were in Europe I know it would be even much more beautiful. But this is India, they will also learn it someday.

When we came home they had already prepared balloons and a cake. Melly unpacked her presents and we had pizza for dinner. I always find a reason to be happy and to celebrate. Of course, today there is a birthday to celebrate but even if not I will just celebrate life or the good weather or whatever comes in my mind. I like the atmosphere when everybody is happy. If you are happy you can make others happy, too. It is just fantastic to be in festive mood! Life is a celebration! We have to celebrate it! Tomorrow they will start playing with colours in the streets of Vrindavan. It will go on for one week and any time that you go out you will surely come back in pink, red, green and yellow. Celebration of colours!

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