Celebrating a Birthday by handing out new Uniforms – 8 Aug 16


Today is an important day of the year in our family: on 8th August, we celebrate the birthday of my youngest brother Yashendu!

Yesterday, he has just returned from a tour to the Himalayas with a British family. They took a tour from Vrindavan to Amritsar to Dharamshala and Palampur – and returned happy and full of impressions and experiences from this trip.

So we started the day with sharing what has happened on the journey and then, after we had had our breakfast, the children came class-wise for their surprise: we distributed new school uniforms! We had been collecting for a while last year and have been able to get the help of friends who support our charity work. Of course a big thank you goes to them for their support, too!

It had become necessary with the old uniforms having become old and, in many cases, too small already. It is beautiful to see the joy you can bring to these children simply with some pieces of cloth! Nothing else, only something to wear for the time they will be at school!

And that’s how we love celebrating our birthdays – sharing with those who need it and especially our school kids! This joy of giving to someone can never be experienced by getting a gift!

Of course however we also had a cake! In the evening, we all got together, our Ashram guests, the family and our staff and shared the huge chocolate cake our baker and pastry chef had made!

It was once more a beautiful day!

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