Benefits of Ayurveda in daily Life – 17 Feb 10

Yesterday Yashendu gave an interview about Ayurveda. A friend of us, Suzanne Monroe, who is a nutritionist was interested to ask a professional about Ayurveda and have her students ask him questions. We have met her when we were in Chicago and had a nice connection. It is nice how everything nowadays can be done via internet, she interviewed Yashendu for more than one hour.

One of the questions that she asked was what the benefit of Ayurveda actually was. Ayurveda means the wisdom of life and this is also the benefit that you get: knowledge about who you are, what your body is, how it reacts and what it needs. And this is really the great thing about Ayurveda, you get to know which dosha, which humour your body has mainly.

According to that you see your whole lifestyle and realize why things happen. You realize that you have that many gas problems because of what you are eating and because you are a Vata type. You realize that you have difficulties whenever it is warm weather because you have pitta disorders and you also get to know what you can do against these problems, what you can eat or what you can do. You understand that you are a Kapha type and that this is why winter was always a difficult season for you. And now you know what to do against it. Ayurveda is very practical knowledge and it is great to watch how even a small change in your diet can have a big impact on your life.

Today is our friend Sonja’s birthday and we, the Ashram and all children, are sending her much love and the best wishes!

7 Replies to “Benefits of Ayurveda in daily Life – 17 Feb 10”

  1. I wish we can have more information on Ayurveda. Though it was developed in India, we Indians are not very familiar with the benefits of Ayurveda. It will be a great contribution if you can build a section on Ayurveda which will help us to know ourselves.

  2. It is interesting to become aware of our bodies and the way we react to different foods,or even the different seasons. We are constantly feeding ourselves so many different flavors and foods from all over the world. I would like to learn more about which foods are going to be beneficial for me!

  3. I found the study of Ayurveda to be very interesting. Knowing my dosha helped me to treat my body in the right way. I understand now why I need physical exercise and sleep at certain times. Though it was kind of sad to learn that some of my favorite foods aren’t recommended for my dosha! But I think that in moderation and small quantities, it is okay.
    Everyone has degrees of each type of dosha within them. I’ve heard that when you are in great balance, none of the doshas is very noticeable or prominent because they are in balance with each other. Is this true?

  4. After so many researching on Ayurveda I found more useful information on Ayurveda in your blog. Now, I realize all importance of Ayurveda in our daily life. Keep sharing this kind of useful information regarding Ayurveda with us.

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