Ayurveda Yoga Retreat in India – 15 Oct 09


Yesterday I already said that everybody was enjoying. Today the Ayurvedic Yoga Course started and that’s why everybody, the participants as well as our friends who are just for holiday in the Ashram got up very early in the morning to have the first yoga class of the course.

It was very early in the morning but this is a very beautiful time of the day as it is not that warm yet and as the air is nicely fresh. They all agreed that this is a wonderful way to start the day.

The Ayurvedic doctor was also here today and the first Ayurvedic oil massages took place. The participants of the Ayurvedic Yoga Course will enjoy these massages every day now and are already looking forward to the cleansing treatments, too.

Now it is the festive time of the year with Diwali coming. Whole India is in celebration mood and you can feel this in the Ashram, too. But of course we are always celebrating life, on some days more loudly and clearly, on other days a bit less. But it should always be a celebration.
You can see pictures of yesterday’s celebration here

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