Ayurveda – Balancing the Doshas – 22 Oct 08


You may know that the Ayurvedic Yoga Course is going on at the moment at the Ashram. For the Course we have an Ayurvedic doctor and two therapists, one male and one female, who also live here for that time. Under their guidance the treatments are going on. Today I had an oil massage and Shirodhara, too. During Shirodhara, oil is constantly dripping onto the forehead. It was very relaxing, a wonderful feeling how the warm oil is softly touching your forehead. It is like bathing in oil.

In older times people were used to take a bath in oil for relaxation and as a beauty treatment. It helps to have healthy skin. The old science of Ayurveda is getting more and more popular in the west now like many treatments, therapies and philosophies.

Unfortunately people see Yoga as an exercise, Tantra as sex and Ayurveda as a type of massage. But it is not like this. I have talked about Yoga and Tantra often in my seminars and Ayurveda is also more than just massages. Ayurveda depends on three doshas, vata (air), pitta (acidity) and kapha (mucus). The balancing of the doshas is important because if any dosha is increased, it creates specific problems. With massages you cannot balance the three doshas. I have seen many times that there is ‘Vata oi;’, ‘Pitta oil’ and Kapha oil’ and I think it is a very good idea for selling it but I do not understand how you can balance the doshas from this massage oil.

In an Ayurvedic treatment there are of course plants and herbs which shall help to get back into the balance but the main and most important part is the diet, the food that you eat. Different spices or combinations of spices bring balance into the different doshas. In an Ayurvedic treatment it is thus very important to avoid certain food or spices and to eat others. You should avoid something that increases the dosha of which you have too much already. And the food which reduces this dosha is what you should eat. So you can create imbalance but also balance with the food that you eat.

Real Ayurvedic food which suits your body type also detoxifies your body. I know many people are nowadays attracted to the Ayurveda therapy because of its natural way of healing. The bad factor of allopathic medicine is that there are side effects and Ayurvedic treatments don’t produce any problem. So it is natural and understandable that many people want to take the help of Ayurveda to heal their problems but I think people need to understand the basics of Ayurveda and need to get the right treatment with professional guidance. It is not all about massages and that is why it is important to have an experienced Ayurvedic doctor. In the Ayurvedic Yoga course we thus provide this guidance, of course also the massages which relax and strengthen the muscles and the Ayurvedic diet for the individual body type.

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  1. Ruth this is perfect. Thank you for the tip. Do you live in the US? Do you know any Ayurvedic physicians or professions? (I live in New York).

  2. People are always looking for ways to heal themselves and I think it is important for people to be able to be involved in their healing. This is why the idea of an Ayurvedic lifesyle(diet) is something that people should be investing some time into learning.

  3. Ayurveda has so many more elements to it than just massage! I think Americans would benefit greatly from its teachings.
    Not only is Ayurvedic food delicious and healing, but there are also many therapies available in Ayurveda. I once had a nasya treatment in which my nasal passages were washed out with a saline solution with some oils in it. I also once had a hot stone massage…this was not just any old massage! The therapist placed hot stones over my chakras, in between my toes, and in my hands. She then used the stones to massage into my body. This triggered lots of energy points and helped balance my chakras. The wisdom of Ayurveda is what made this massage so special.