Doshas and their Connection to Gyan, Karma and Bhakti Yoga – 28 Jul 08

The last two days I talked about texts of scriptures and today, too, I would like to explain a little bit based on a scripture. You may know that in Ayurveda there are three doshas, three body types called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everybody has all three of them inside and each of us is of a certain body type. If you analyze and study yourself you can reach a point where you yourself can realize which body type you are. If you go to an Ayurvedic doctor, he will also tell you which type you are. However you have all three types in you all the time and if they are imbalanced, problems and diseases in the body are created.

In a spiritual way it is said that the negative side of Vata is lust and desire, of Pitta it is anger or aggression and for Kapha it is greed. These are basic emotions that everybody has. You cannot remove them, the body is made of Vata, Kapha and Pitta and thus lust, anger and greed are also there. Who can deny this? We need to keep a nice balance in the doshas. In different situations, circumstances and times of your life, one of the three can be more powerful and dominant. Sometimes our desire comes up, sometimes our aggression. And there are different ways to treat problems with each dosha.

If you have a problem with Pitta, Gyan Yoga will be a good spiritual path. For those who are presently too much in Kapha, in greed, Karma Yoga will be the right remedy. If you are in Vata, Bhakti or Prem Yoga, love and devotion is the right solution. I will tell more about this in the next days.

5 Replies to “Doshas and their Connection to Gyan, Karma and Bhakti Yoga – 28 Jul 08”

  1. I have read a lot of different things about “ways of being” it seems that no matter what a persons beliefs are, the most important core is always to be balanced.

  2. Swami, I like that you point out that these imbalances are present in everyone (greed, lust, and aggression). They can be minimized with a balanced dosha or accentuated with disease.
    I have heard people deny that greed is a natural human trait because they want to preserve the purity of human nature. But in reality, everyone has a tendency to feel greed on some level or another… it is a matter of learning about your own body and mind and learning how to minimize and balance these negative traits.

  3. Hmmm, I didn’t know that these were the ways you could know that they were unbalanced, but then I have a question, what are the best ways to keep them balanced? Is yoga the only way to keep them in place? Or are there other ways in which one is able to keep them in balance? I think it would be good to have your opinion on this, so many times I feel as if I’m struggling with sometimes and I don’t know where it’s origin is…

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