The Vata Dosha and Your Desires – 31 Jul 08


Today we will come to the third dosha, to Vata. Vata is responsible for the air in our body. If you have more Vata in your body than is normal or good for you, many problems can occur. Physically, all kinds of pain are due to an imbalance in Vata. Vata is responsible for each movement in your body so if you feel tired and lazy it can mean that you have a Vata problem. Symbolically speaking Pitta is anger, kapha is greed and in the same way vata is desire and lust.

I talked about these topics already and I also said that we all have desires. We cannot be free of all desires when we live in this world. And a strong desire can be a wonderful feeling, it actually has great energy. However it is important where the energy is directed to. Whether it is a craving for chocolate or for cigarettes, the energy is not bad. Give it the right direction. This is how people with a problem of desire can get rid of it: turn your desire into love, on the path of devotion. Surrender yourself and you will see how desires get less. In this way desire is transformed and purified.

Today we had a food sponsor for the food in the Ashram. As you can read on the pictures, the food for the children was sponsored by the vegetarian restaurant ‘Zimt & Koriander’ in Wiesbaden. I already told about this restaurant and Pavan, the owner, when we were there for dinner. Thomas gave the inspiration to Pavan to put a savings box for our children into his restaurant and I am happy to see that now, after some weeks in which customers had time to put their change into it, Pavan and his restaurant were able to sponsor today’s food. Of course everyone is welcome to follow this great example and put a savings box into his or her shop, restaurant or center. So a big thanks to Pavan, to Thomas and Iris and of course to everyone who came by and supported this project.

Click here to see pictures of today’s lunch in the Ashram

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  1. I have a problem breathing a lot of the time, i wonder if it has something to do with my vata dosha? I experience a slight physical pain a lot of the time and much tiredness and never known why.Curious… I’m going to look more into it, thanks!

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