You can be a Part of Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant – 16 Oct 14


I yesterday told you of our big project, the Ayurvedic Restaurant with organic food, ice cream and a bakery. I mentioned that we have lots of experience in Ayurvedic cooking and we will be training our cooks for a while before the opening of the restaurant to show them what has to be taken care of. We have also had reasonable practice in baking breads, making ice cream and also pizza and pasta – but nevertheless we would love to learn a bit more about western food!

We will have continental dishes in our menu card, from fresh bread rolls and croissants to pizza and cake. If you are a baker, ice cream maker or Italian chef – or a chef that has expertized in western vegetarian food, we would love to make you an offer of exchange:

Come to the Ashram in India, visit us and share your knowledge and practice with us! Train us and our cooks – who are of course already professionals in their own field – and in exchange, stay two weeks with us completely for free!

I am sure that the cooks will observe well and learn quickly and you may as well get some new ideas and knowledge by spending time in our restaurant kitchen.

While this is an offer that is valid from now on, we have thought a bit further into the future as well, planning another offer which we know will be popular among travelers to India with a lower budget: once our restaurant is open and running, we will happily welcome volunteers to help out with the many tasks at the restaurant – preparing, cleaning, working as waiter or waitress and so on.

We already get a lot of requests by people who would like to work because they don’t have a big budget for their journey. At the moment, we can only offer computer work and not everybody is ready to do that. As soon as the restaurant will open, we will be able to make this offer to many more!

So whether you would like to share expert knowledge in cooking or would like to volunteer in our restaurant, we would love to get your application! Simply send an email with a short introduction of who you are to [email protected] – and we are looking forward to welcoming you here!

Of course, if you are reading these lines and immediately have someone in mind who has professional knowledge of cooking or baking and would be interested in coming to India, please forward this blog entry’s link to them!

You can see the building progress of Ammaji's Restaurant here

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